Over the last 29 years, Victoria and the Brora Design Team have conjured up every possible name, in our vocabulary, for our evocative colour names. Every year, the process of thinking up something new and original becomes an increasingly challenging and imaginative project.

“It is certainly our unique flair for bright colour, combined with the Scottish origins and promise of high-quality, ethical production, and thoughtful design, that keep people coming back.”



From vibrant pinks, which we called Peony and Pomegranate, to indulgent, on-trend shades of green, named Emerald, Mallard, and Eucalyptus, click the colours below in their original form to find a selection of your favourite shades.

“In my early, more experimental years, I remember designing lots of incredible 70s colour stripes and tiny cashmere halterneck tops with matching hotpants in a shockingly bright green. It was all completely fabulous! I soon worked out that my customers weren’t really in the market for cashmere hotpants!”

Brora's colour inspirations originate from some of Victoria's passions in life, such as art galleries, museums, the flowers in her garden, or even the heady wilds of Scotland.

Travel is a hugely influentially part of the design process, from exotic landscapes to the unique part of the world that is at the very core of Brora’s brand identity; the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Find shades inspired by the richly-coloured Indian spices and textiles, Africa’s dry plains and exotic flowers, Morocco’s intricate mosaic patterns, and even Portugal’s mesmerising brightly patterned tiles.

“Travelling with my family never fails to start the flow of ideas. I feel blessed to be such a visual person, although, at home, we still argue over whether a particular shade is green or grey; as it turns out, we all see colours in our own unique way.”

We work closely with Liberty Arts Fabrics, taking prints from their vast archive to use in our collection. That said, nothing beats rummaging through clothing stalls on Portobello Road and discovering a beautiful, vintage find that can be reimagined and given new life by our talented Design Team.