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Linen is a natural fabric that offers a simple way to embrace sustainable fashion without compromising on style.

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Every year we celebrate linen by joining the I Love Linen campaign, a celebration of Europe’s most sustainable, innovative fabric. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the fibre’s versatility and its environmental credentials.

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“I’ve always been a fan of linen; it is a fabric that has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. It is a brilliant choice for both interiors and fashion. I love the softness, the way it holds colour, the weaves, the drape and the way it just gets more beautiful with age. The fact that it is also the most environmentally friendly choice is such an added bonus.”


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Composed from fibres of the flax plant, linen is one of the oldest and strongest textiles known to man as well as being a sustainable fashion choice. It relies only on rainwater to grow and produces just a quarter of the carbon of other crops. As a natural, zero waste product, every part of the linen crop is used. While the fibres of the flax plant are used in clothing, anything leftover is used for food, homewares and even the interior of tennis racket handles.

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All of our linen products are made in Europe. It takes months to grow the flax plants, spin yarn from its fibres and eventually weave the fabric into clothing and accessories. .

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Each of the linen weaves we produce are unique to us, often being designed in-house and using several shades to create modern and innovative textures.

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Fall in love with linen not only for its sustainable and hardwearing credentials but how it looks and feels. Our linen collection showcases colour and flattering fits that are perfect for the warmer months ahead. Find utility style linen jackets, printed dresses and colourful skirts and even a few wardrobe essentials for him.