Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique that creates patterns with multiple colours, the nostalgic design originates from the Shetland Islands, the northernmost part of Scotland.

We certainly would not be Brora without a good dose of Fair Isle. From our tank tops to women’s yoke cardigans, we delight in designing new Fair Isle pieces every season. We even pay homage to the roots and craft of Fair Isle, with some of our children’s pieces authentically made in the beautiful Shetland Islands.

Complex to design, every season we carefully pick and play with an abundance of colours and pattern ideas for these much-loved jumpers and cardigans. Whether you prefer soft colours or brights, we truly believe there is a Fair Isle piece in our collection for all.

Be bold and pair with prints in similar shades or keep it clean with a white blouse and let the pattern do the talking.

We love Fair Isle for the variety of choice it gives when outfit building and we make sure our collection has options for each mood; earthy, bright, or vintage. Pick out tones that match perfectly or choose colours that clash. Embrace the look all over or simply opt for our bright wristwarmers, which coincidently, make a fabulous present.