Cotton is a natural fibre, it comes from the earth, it is grown in a field, picked, and then spun into thread. Once woven into material it is light, breathable, easy to work with and easy to wear – that is why more than half the clothes sold in the UK are made from cotton. Cotton is also biodegradable which means that once you’ve worn your Brora cotton shirt or jumper for years it will eventually break down back into the earth with no lasting damage to the environment.


At Brora we use mostly 100% certified organic cotton which means there are no hazardous chemicals or pesticides used. Organic farming works in harmony with nature. Farmers make the most of natural systems and cycles to grow their crops and it all starts with the soil! By looking after the world beneath our feet, farmers can grow healthy and resilient crops. Using techniques such as crop rotation, green manures and composting, healthy soils lead to healthy harvests. And because toxic hazardous pesticides and artificial fertilisers are banned, biodiversity is boosted, and natural forms of pest control are used instead. The main objective of regenerative agriculture is to naturally improve soil quality. It is based on farmers’ traditions that enhance biodiversity, sequester atmospheric carbon in soils or optimize water cycle.


The Lifecycle of our Cotton


For many years, much of our cotton clothing has been made in Northern Portugal where local artisans use their skills to create jersey tops, babygros, men’s shirts and more. Their abilities are second to none and Brora’s Design team make regular visits to meet with them, building outstanding relationships and gaining further insight into our supply chain.

Having close and long-term relationships with all of our suppliers means we are able to make limited runs of each design, reducing waste and adapting to customer demand as necessary.

We are proud to work with suppliers who take their time, providing our customers with distinctive designs of the finest quality that are made to last.


Brora’s clothing collection is made using authentic methods with strong emphasis on the quality of workmanship. To make each piece extra special, intricate detailing such as embroidery and beading is carefully added by talented artisans, often hand sewing bead by bead to create intricate designs.

Our design team makes annual visits to the small factory, owned by a man named Vibhu who we have been working with for many years. During their trip, they can see these incredible skills first-hand and discuss new ideas for upcoming seasons.